Q: How many photos do I get with my session/package?
A: I try to get you as many photos as possible, is the easy answer. Typically, the photo count is based on the length of the session, and the diversity of the photographs that are taken. However, I always do my best to give you an amount of photos that justifies the cost of the session. Never hesitate to ask for a more specific estimate when scheduling your session with us!

Q: Can I have all my images from the session? What about the unedited ones?
A: Unfortunately, no, but it’s truly better this way! We can take anywhere from 500-2000 images depending on the session, and not all of the turn out. Some of them are blurry, not framed right, or just not your best look. We go through every image and pick out the best ones from each session, and edit each one so they look the best they can!

Q: What should I wear to my photo session?
A: This is an excellent question, and is actually far more important than you might think! The simple answer is: wear what makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and confident! However, if that’s too broad, I recommend that clients stick to solid colored clothing, that isn’t too bright (so stay away from bold prints, bright colors, and colors that don’t mix well together!).

Make sure that the attire you pick yourself and the others in your session compliment each other, and that no one person is wearing something that makes them stand out from everyone else (unless that’s your goal!). If you plan to wear jewelry, make sure it’s going to add to your outfit, instead of take away from it or draw the attention away from you and the others in your session. We actually have a Pinterest board full of great ideas for color schemes, so feel free to take a look at that for some photo session inspiration (click here!).

Q: Do you travel? If so, how much do you charge?
A: Yes, we do travel! If you plan on doing a session that is outside of the Magic Valley, we charge $0.55 per mile for the round trip. This is standard for any distance further than 30 miles away from Twin Falls.

Q: Is there a discount if I book multiple sessions with you at once?
A: Yes! If you book more two or more sessions with us at one time, we offer a 15% discount on your total price. It’s just a little way we like to give back to our clients who mean so much to us!

Q: Are you LGBTQ friendly?
A: Yes, yes, and more yes! Fearless Photography is a LGBTQ friendly business, and is happy to offer our services to any and all who trust us with their special moments.

Q: Do you have any discounts for active military members, veterans, or emergency service personnel?
A: We absolutely do! With proof of service, all active military, veterans and emergency service  personnel will receive a 25% discount on all services booked with Fearless Photography.

Q: Once I get my proofs, do I own my photographs or do you?
A: Once you receive your photographs via online gallery, you will own your photographs! You can print them, use them, share them how you see fit. All we ask is that you credit us as the photographer!

Q: Do you offer prints that I can purchase?
A: We absolutely do! We use a quality printing company that ensures that your images look the best they can from web to your home! Ask us about our print pricing the next time you book your session.

Q: I have an idea for a styled shoot, can I discuss that with you?
A: Absolutely! We are always looking for creative and fun styled shoots with wonderful people. If you’re a client with an idea, or a business hoping to collaborate for a styled session, please email me at photosbyfearless@gmail.com or message us on Facebook!

Need more information or have a question that isn’t listed here? You can fill out our Contact Form, email us, or message us on Facebook!


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